Fiore di muro


1996 – Galleria “L’attico”, Roma
cm 300 x 300

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di Simonetta Lux

The wall flower is an image that produces an image.

“The wall is the support.

“Not everyone has seized it.

“I t h a s r e m a i n e d a w a l l : nearly always.

“A support on which to exhibit oneself.

“I see it as a canvas.

“I go to work on it every evening: by taking

“the wall, the flower spreads to the wall,

“to the gallery,

“and the wall of the whole gallery becomes the work of art.

“I’ll enter the wall of that gallery, and if it is true that walls


“they have an old story inside. I want

“to bring out what was behind them.

“The protagonist is thought of as the Prince. “I’d like to bring him out of the wall.

” Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzjjjjjsssssssshzzzz…………

But what image emerges from the wall flower’s Toshiba pistil?!…….. The exploration of the inside, of a story, which has been the artist’s obsession for a long time, and which by chance seems to offer itself as the only too adequate response to the Fabian offer of the wall (an offer of itself ? of its story?), becomes a stolen obsession, by chance yes, but….
So the wall, the machine, the automatic device, spits out that truth. The Prince, dear Vampire…..

by Simonetta Lux